“Rest” day in Merzouga!!

And so here we are once again in the Nomad Palace near Merzouga and, after a well-earned lie-in, the guys have finally had a play in the dunes!!

Chrissie boy jump! Chris seemed pretty happy!!

Like the rest of the country the dunes are very different to last time; 3 days of sandstorm has caused some harder packed sand but also many more patches of the softer stuff that will stop you dead if you don’t power through it!! The ridges are difficult to read at the best of times, but their recent battering made the tops extremely sharp and the drops very steep!! As Kev & I went down one side-by-side we stopped on the top of the next dune & looked at each other wide-eyed!! “That was like riding down a square”! he exclaimed!! It was!!!

It was easy to lose each other, your bearings, even your bike..!!!!

Where's my bike?!

Where’s my bike?!

But everyone who took the opportunity to ride in this amazing sandy landscape came back with grins on their faces, and a few stories of good crashes!!!

The end of the day & camels didn’t interest most, it was Kawasakis to watch the sunset!!


Although sand riding isn’t exactly resting it’s fun & a nice interval before our lovely day’s riding to the Todra gorge tomorrow.

For now I have yet another caption competition though!!!

Sean of Arabia!

Sean of Arabia!

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