Nowhere. You are now entering the middle…

Learning once again from our experience of the last tour I know that there is even less signal today, especially at our evening auberge!

I will try to let Ian know of anything interesting in any brief interludes of signal but otherwise the plan is…..

Watch the sunrise from the camp…

Camp Chicaga sunrise

Then head of for another 250km of riding!!

The sand should be short lived this morning as we head off on some great fun, fast trails, with the odd rocks and tufts of grass & lumps of mud to keep us alert!! Once we’re well & truly ready for a break we’ll get a petrol stop & some road workMick road day 2

Before another fast trail & rocky climb suddenly stops us at the most unexpected & stunning viewpoint


Then another nice bit of trail to a picnic lunch prepared by Ali!! Yum!!

We’d better have stuffed ourselves as there’s nothing but a long, long ride off-road to our hotel in the evening.

With long trails ahead Mick leaves us to a personal ride here…

Just as we’re feeling it & ready for the hotel & a shower the last big expanse of furrows & large ridges of grass-tufted mud stands between us!! Harsh!!

The Oasis Mharech is a welcome sight!!

bikes at Oasis Mhaech

Tomorrow is the short stretch to Ali’s Nomad Palace in time for lunch & to play in the dunes, so I’ll give you a full update on the tour so far then!! :-)




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