Bring the boys back home….

So, the boys… and girl… are now on the road again taking the brilliant green machines back north, in the springtime, to the cooler climes.. Trekking their way across the Atlas mountains to… McDonalds in Marakesh. I suspect that this is only because everywhere else has run out of cake since Mick’s been there for a month.

Mick and the crew may have tamed the cakes of Morocco, but the back country, I’m afraid, remains untamed. On the steady ride home she played her trump card and unfortunately two of the riders had freak accidents. I’ve not heard too much of the details, but I hear the two riders involved are being very well looked after. This was after that extremely rare deluge in the desert, I mean, that’s why it’s called a desert, isn’t it? Morocco certainly has a twist and a surprise at every opportunity, that’s why she always leaves you wanting more.

The two tours couldn’t have been more different in many, many ways. Mell will post whenever she can on the way back home and there will be a much fuller report, with lots of pictures from the second tour next week.

Whilst they were looking after the two riders injured in the group, they met up with riders from other tours having equally bad luck with weather and accidents. What a week!

So, from all at the Mick Extance Kawasaki Experience, we wish not just our two mentioned here, but all the injured riders a speedy recovery and look forward to the next exiting installment of the Moroccan Adventure.

A massive congratulations to those who completed this and the previous week’s tours, they were epic weeks by all accounts! We all know why it’s called adventure riding. Without the adversity, there would be no adventure. That’s why we do it.

Dakar training complete – See you in Peru!

Merci and choukran!!
Mel, Mick, Mark and Gwion.

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