And they’re off!!

And so we’re off again for our Moroccan adventure with another big group of 11 customers  :-)

Bikes are ready

As we learnt last time, and not really that surprising, there is no wifi in a nomad camp in the desert – in this day and age, really…!!!

So I will be texting Ian any interesting facts for the day but otherwise, if all goes to plan, our bags will have been packed off in Ali’s support truck early this morning and we headed off down the road from our hotel and, within 5 minutes were off into some lovely fast trails to get our brains in the zone for what lies ahead :-)

The terrain here looks relatively smooth and grippy but, as with much of Morocco, this is deceiving & the back wheel will have spent little time in line with the front this morning!!

The first trail takes us to our first petrol stop, then some easy & picturesque road riding is a nice wind down to our first lunch stop at the beautiful hotel Babrimal in Famzed.

Day 1 lunch

A hop across the road & it was off to a bone jolting rocky trail to shake down lunch before the joy of the salt flats as far as the eye could see!! A refuel here would have seen us ready to attack our first sand encounter..!!

This is a tough, physical end to the first day’s riding so the beautiful camp Chicaga appearing like a mirage in the never-ending sand remains a welcome sight!!

A beer, a salty shower & a nice dinner, followed by a sing song around the camp fire & we’ll all be raring to go tomorrow morning to watch the sun rise over the dunes :-)

Camp Chicaga As long as we don’t think about the other room guests……!!

Bug's life 2!bug's life

[Addendum from Ian]
All this is assuming the guys reach camp. As I type this, I’ve just received a message from Mel to say they’re still not quite at the camp… but worry ye not, Ali was shining his headlights to guide the weary travellers home.

[Addendum 2 from Ian]
I’ve had a message to say that all are safe and sound at the Berber Camp in Chicaga. Just getting tucked up and fed and I’m sure there will be some deep, deep sleeping tonight. ;)

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